Tuesday, November 23, 2010


WordPress is a free application that allows you to control your WordPress account through your mobile device. If you like WordPress already you’re going to like this application. Personally, I find it kind of obnoxious to navigate. The site on a desk or laptop is irritating enough for the casual blogger, so the application isn’t much better. It is pretty handy in that you can take pictures and video through the application as well as import them from the camera roll. You can type up a post and publish it all from the palm of your hand. You can even organize and approve comments you receive. You can even add pages. That’s great if you want to do that from your phone, but it makes things a little difficult. It’s not a straightforward application. If you already use WordPress this is a handy tool, but if you have the choice to go through another blog host, I’d go with that if you want to blog from your mobile device. If you’ve done some blogging in the past and are used to different hosts you may be all right, if you are a first timer this will be difficult to learn through. Because it’s free though, if you’re interested, try it out, it couldn’t hurt.

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