Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Qik Video Camera Pro

Qik is one of the most popular, and easy to use applications for mobile devices. The app has numerous uses from a journalistic standpoint as well as in your everyday life. For example, if you are hanging out at a local venue and you run across an interesting performer of some sort you can take a video and upload it to Qik right then and there. It’s the same for performers that have family and friends that can’t see their show. Just tell people when and where to go to see it broadcast. In terms of journalistic value, this application can be used for breaking news. Not by newsrooms, but a free lance journalist could be the first to get footage of a breaking news story in the field. That footage could then be picked up by stations in order to tell the public what’s going on.

It is incredibly useful for vloggers. While you are filming video for a blog a person watching can send you comments that appear in your screen, which you can then respond to right then in the video. It’s just an interesting concept and allows for a more open discussion with your followers. It opens up so many more doors than simply having a comments box under a blog post or video.

Qik even has the ability to save your videos if, for some reason, you lose your signal. As soon as you regain Internet access the videos are uploaded without anything getting lost. The application offers many effects like frosted glass and black and white. It’s one of the fastest ways to upload to Facebook and YouTube, as well as many popular blog hosts and Twitter. The render time isn’t long so you have a little less frustration.

Right now there’s no way to edit your videos, so what you record is what you get. That means be careful. Don’t say anything you would need to edit out then.


  1. What would be great is a camcorder equiped with wi-fi and/or 3G connection that would go live on the internet with the quality of a proper camera (zoom, focus, white balance, higher iso/shutter speed). The other option right now is to carry a laptop and a camera at the same time without being able to monitor whether everything is going alright on the net.

    If any camcorder maker is reading this, please make one!

  2. @Fabio: Totally agree! My only issue with Qik is that I can't verify my upload (as it's taking place) is in fact taking place in an unfettered fashion. I've lost three videos now. Qik is trying to help me but I know they're gone forever.

  3. I am still trying to figure out how efficiently being able to livestream an event from a good camera...

    As far as I know, if you avoid the phone capture, you need a camera and a laptop connected to 3G/wiFi, so it's rather unconvenient.

    Are there any streaming modules available out there, in order to send video feed to services like Qik or Ustream ?