Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jelly Filter Lens

We had two jelly filters to test, one was the starburst filter, and the other was the wide-angle lens. They come in other filters, vignette, antique, you can take your pick. They are small and portable and easy to attach to your device. They have a jelly, sticky ring around the lens that allows you to attach the lens right around the camera. It sticks just as well as the magnetic lenses do. Apparently you can clean the dirt off the sticky part with water, but eventually it’s going to stop sticking.

Honestly, I don’t know why you’d need these filters. A lot of the photo editing applications already have these. If you use the applications you can have the original picture as well without the affect already on there permanently. I think the wide-angle lens might be the only one that is worth anything. You can get more in the shot by using it. If you’re too close to an object or scene to get everything or everyone in it, it definitely comes in handy. The problem is the lenses bend the photo a little on the edges. Also, you can’t use a flash with these lenses. If you do the lens is caught in the flash and you can’t see anything except the lens. Really, I think these are a waste of money since you can doctor your photos with other applications.

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