Thursday, October 7, 2010

Expert Testimony: Melissa Lyttle

As a photographer, what’s the general feel you get from using the iPhone for professional picture taking?
• The same basic rules of photography apply to the iPhone.
• As long as the light's good, I can certainly make that work.
• It frees me up a little bit, allows me to be looser and playful.
• The subject matter has to warrant its use. I used it to take pictures of local tourist areas, and it made the piece seem more featurey, more from a tourist angle.
• You can use it in news events to get things up immediately.

When you shoot with your phone, do you use any other apps besides camerabag, or any hardware?
• I have a few apps that I love, but for me the beauty of the iPhone is the simplicity of it.

What are some of the problems you faced with the iPhone?
• Use light to sculpt the mood, and u can’t use that when your stuck to a certain aperture priority setting. Plus, the lag on the camera and the inability to shoot in low light cause a lot of problems.

Do you think using the iPhone or other mobile devices will become more commonplace in the future?
• It comes down to just being another tool in your bag

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