Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Plans

For the end half of the semester, we wanted to try to test some other applications and equipment (mainly photo editing applications) in a fun way. On Oct. 30, we will go to Hickman High School for the “Be a Superhero for Columbia Public Schools” event. On this day, Columbia Schools is trying to break the record Guinness Book of World Records by having 1,501 superheroes. Click here for the Columbia Tribune article about the event.

We are also looking at going to take a slice of life at a corn maze near Columbia. Every year, Shryocks Callaway Farms corn maze is cut into a new and interesting shape and this year is no different. This year, the maze theme is "Around the World" and we are hoping to test lighting and lenses. Stay tuned for our results!

Photo (right): Superintendent Chris Belcher, with school board President Jan Mees, sports a Mr. Incredible costume for the Sept. 14 announcement of the upcoming “Be a Superhero for Columbia Public Schools” event.

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