Monday, October 11, 2010

Update: 10.10.10

Here is one of my loosely edited videos for One Day on Earth. I also updated several photos and some raw video footage from October 10, 2010. You can check out my account here: or on my Vimeo account.

Boring, Yet Beautiful Mid-Missouri from Jennifer Elston on Vimeo This is my video for One Day on Earth to help document the world's story on October 10, 2010 (10.10.10). I pictured all of the clips going along to Sufjan Stevens' song 'Chicago.'

It is loosely edited so in the off chance that One Day on Earth actually uses my footage, they can pull from longer clips because in the disclaimer, it states that they probably won't keep your edited piece together. I really didn't have anything of interest happening to me on 10.10.10. I was just out enjoying the nice fall weather, etc... A lot of the other submissions show poverty, starvation, birth and death. My piece seems so insignificant when discussing those issues.

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