Sunday, October 31, 2010


Shazam is a music discover application for those interested in mainstream, popular music. There are several cool features of this application, but I cannot find any journalistic functions of this app.

Here is the rundown - If you listening to a song on the radio and cannot for the life of you think what the name of the song or the artist is, simply push the blue button in the upper right-hand corner. It will use its recognition technology and tell you about the song in question. The only problem is the song has to be very VERY clear. No static. No talking. Not too loud, not too soft. It is very particular and half the time I have tried this application it doesn't work. This function is the opening screen.

There are other options for this application, too. On the bottom row there are four buttons: Tagging, My Tags, Discover and Settings. Tagging is the mode I already spoke of. My tags is the section where you can find identified music. You can buy tagged tracks, or related items. There is a wealth of information when it finds a track. It will give you reviews, release history and more.
The final fun tab is the the Discover option. Discover lets you look at the top songs on different popular charts, or you can search. By clicking on the album, you can listen to the song.

This application is very good for personal use, but I cannot find a good journalistic function for this application. I do, however, recommend this application.

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