Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: ReelDirector

ReelDirector: Manufacturer - Nexvio’s ($3.99) for 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 & iPad
There are a lot of reasons why this video editing application is not on par with traditional video editing, but it is not all bad. The main problem I found with ReelDirector was the extensive amounts of time it takes to perform a task. When selecting a video clip to add to your movie, it must compress, which ranges from fairly fast to a few minutes. To view the piece as a whole (and not just individual clips), you must render the video which takes anywhere from 5-22 minutes for a 2 minute finished product. This defeats the purpose of mobile journalism. Mobile journalism should be fast and easily edited for the web.

Another reason applications such as 1stVideo and iMovie, as well as traditional film editing tools, blow ReelDirector out of the water is the should-be simple action of cutting clips. You cannot watch the clip while editing – you have to just guesstimate and hope that you didn’t cut off something important. I was forced to memorize the raw videos and look for visual cues. Another problem with cutting is the editing software is only sophisticated as rounding to the nearest second. If your clip begins in the middle of the 10-11 second range…well, that is a problem.

My recommendations for this software is only use this for short interviews with no editing needed besides possibly cutting off the beginning and the end. If you want to use this app to clean up a short feed, or for a single interview, then it is fine. I would recommend this application for those who do not know what they are doing or if they only want light video editing software. If you goal is more advanced editing, then I would wait to buy this app until there are multi-track editing and a shorter render time.

The Breakdown:
  • In my opinion, ReelDirector looks a lot more professional that iMovie in terms of fonts and super styles and placements.
  • The audio software allows you to fade in and fade out clips.
  • You can easily drag and rearrange clips on the timeline.
  • Very easily create a slideshow with pictures and audio if you edit the audio in another application such as Monle or VC Audio Net.
  • Render time is absolutely too long for any serious editing and especially for mobile journalism.
  • The clips cannot be watched while being edited down.
  • There is no multi-track editing, and thus, the audio that is put under the video is there as is. It may muffle the audio associated with the video clips.
  • Cannot edit to the exact place desired; the software rounds the edit.
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