Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fire Factor 2010

Today we made our first attempt at writing a feature, complete with voice-over for our coverage of Mizzou's Annual Fire Factor. We might have aimed a little too high. First of all, the video editing applications are not all up to par. Neither ReelDirector or iMovie have multi-track editing, and thus, we had to just import the voiceover from our iTunes accounts. There is no way to adjust the sound on the audio or readjust the timing. For more on ReelDirector, click here. Secondly, some of the video editing tools didn't work as seamlessly as we would have hoped. Some of the applications closed on us. **Correction - this event was the tenth annual, not the ninth as stated in the clip.

Here are our videos -

Using ReelDirector, a stick mic with an XLR adapter from VeriCorder and a mini tripod: (Jennifer Elston)

Fire Factor 2010 from Jennifer Elston on Vimeo.

(September 29, 2010) Mizzou's annual fire safety event.

Using iMovie and a mini Mic from VeriCorder: (Amanda Heisey)

Fire Factor 2010 from Amanda Heisey on Vimeo.

Using 1st Video, a Gorillapod and Blue Mikey: (Drew Dumas)

Here are some photos taken during the event. All of the photos were edited with the iPhone Photogene application.

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